My Art

This is the art work that I can part with.

I’ve sold paintings for 20 dollars and I’ve sold paintings for 600. I’ve never been comfortable setting a price and I honestly really don’t want to, hah. If someone falls in love with something and wants to keep it, im honored. I generally accept what it means to them or they can afford . I tend to give a lot of things away. 9 times out of 10 they’ve made the offer and I prefer it that way.

I never set out to be an artist anymore than I set out to be an activist. It was a very natural progression for me and they eventually started selling themselves. It has always been sort of a bizarre uncomfortable notion to incorporate money with something so personal or sacred feeling for me.

While some things I would never part with, ive grown to enjoy leaving heartfelt expressions behind for others to enjoy and appreciate in their own ways.

I make no claims of being a professional painter nor to be any ‘good’. I’ve had no training and I don’t think I want any. I don’t claim to know what in the hell I am doing. I have been painting less than a few years with little to no artistic background outside of stick figures and a cartoon drawing summer school class when I was 9.

In closing, these are the little pieces of me I am willing to part with.