Call To Action – Day of Resistance – Saturday Nov 29

Comparing the peaceful protesters to the rioters in Ferguson is like calling the Joplin tornado looters disgruntled rescue workers.


Turn off the TV and exercise some critical thinking skills…

I don’t condone violence, destruction or the notion that we need to take a stand solely on behalf of Michael Brown and Ferguson. These acts of brutality are not new, they are not isolated and they are not race specific.

This Saturday people from all walks of life will come together and take to the streets. This is a public plea for peace in solidarity with all who oppose domestic terrorism and rampant brutality by those claiming a monopoly on ‘protection’.

We intend to empower our community by sharing ideas on how to effectively and peacefully create and promote accountability through transparency in a police state, as well as the value and integrity behind civil disobedience.

We join together in solidarity with others across the country with the heart and spine to take a stand against this 1984 like reality we are leaving our children.

Enough is enough.

To remain silent is to consent.

Badges do not grant extra rights.

Get involved. Not a local rally or copblock group? Start one.

Empower one another. Invest in yourself. We are the resistance.