Bones of Anarchy ~ Ferguson ~ Ep.5 8/23/2014

fergusonThis episode is about our trip to Ferguson and the profound shift in consciousness taking place amongst much of the public in the wake of the Mike Brown murder. I also wish to highlight the terrorism that is still taking place at the hands of those we are forced to pay for protection…

On Sunday, August 17, two other activists and I headed to Ferguson to see for our selves the atrocities taking place and support those peacefully standing up to oppression. Honestly, I consider myself a very awake and aware person. I have to admit I am still trying to process and properly articulate what I witnessed and encountered in the time I was there… I’ve seen all sorts of police brutality videos and encountered my share of costumed folks with entitlement issues. What we experienced just 3 and a half hours from home was nothing short of what I can’t help but consider ‘the next phase’…

I still have a huge amount of video footage to go through but I think this is a good start.

My live stream was at

Admittedly, I was very fired up. It was extremely hot outside, terrorists would threaten us for standing still and bluntly, I could not believe the audacity and demeanor of the terrorists that have invaded Ferguson as if they belong there…

The Bones of Anarchy

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One thought on “Bones of Anarchy ~ Ferguson ~ Ep.5 8/23/2014

  1. DEAR TONI BONES, I’m an ex marine. up until this highly ignorant comment made by you, our views on almost everything were identical. I simply do not have words for how blind you must be to say something like this… Pretty much how dare you make the asinine assumption that everyone in the military is a disassociated moron who sold their soul for a license to kill… How dare you assume that simply because someone is/was in the military they enjoy war. I’m glad people like me join so as not to shatter your delicate little world of kicking back and analyzing war behind your fucking computer, I’m glad to take the karma of war off your delicate little shoulders apparently not everyone is capable of bravery like you and your internet façade. The bones of anarchy? You wouldn’t know what anarchy was if it slapped you in your bonehead. You’d be too busy hiding behind some website chat room having a cap locks battle over politics, you’d tuck tail and run the first chance you got once you realized that you might actually have to fight for your freedom. I’m not saying that everyone needs to be able to fight for their freedom, I’m saying you are a disrespectful shitbag of a human being who should be grateful for the men and women who gave you the right to be the shitbag that you are.

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