The first time time I attempted speaking was Hemp Fest 2011. It was awful…

and awfully hilarious for some, I’m sure. I ran and hid behind a van to cry. Luckily, it was Hemp Fest and someone showed mercy with a blunt donation.

Anyway, in less that 24 hours I’m going to do my first live ‘show’. I am definitely going out of my element. I have no problem talking -to- people but when it comes to talking -at- people so to speak… yeah, well, doesn’t go so well. A mind that generally has countless things running through it simultaneously goes blank and I tend to get a weird look on my face. This time around I am certainly more clear headed, there is no van and a lot more people… but I won’t have to look at ya.

Haha, but seriously, my activism has been motivated by self improvement just as much as what I try to project on the world around me. Believe it or not, I was a rather meek and mild kid. Really sweet. Introverted. Got laughed at because of my vocabulary ‘sounding british’, always articulate.

I’ve battled agoraphobia and social anxiety most of my life. Getting into various forms of activism has helped me confront so many things. I am still pretty camera shy but nothing like before my NORML shoots. I was able to learn how to walk up to just about anyone and casually strike up a comfortable conversation about what I was passionate about at the time. From there I’ve continued to invest in my self and my causes as what most would call their hobbies.

In closing, I am totally taking this head on. I’ve done more radio, podcasts, etc appearances than I can count but I have never hosted a show.

I am going to seize it as the creative outlet it is and run with it for as long as it makes sense.


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